Charlie’s Port is dedicated to the development of compelling theatre, film, literature, and social movements that are inspired by or created by children.


Children have the ability to generate palpable creative material, momentous social movements, rich and complex art, and stunning performances that challenge societal standards and the status quo. This can fascinate people of all ages, which is why we help little geniuses do what they want to do.


To cultivate healthy collaborations with prolific youth and their families, we welcome proposals from children with brilliant ideas who want to see them grow. If you are the parent of an exceptional child that has a creative idea for a book, play, film, or social demonstration, please submit a proposal on our contact page. We also welcome proposals from artists, professionals, schools, organizations, and businesses that want to collaborate with us on a new or current project. Charlie’s Port will examine the possibilities in working together.


“When I came to Mary Claire with Luke’s book, I was looking for an opinion and possibly direction on how to proceed. Well, we got more than we could have imagined. Mary Claire worked tirelessly on editing the manuscript and shopping it to publishers. She took a chance on a teenager who is “different” and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Luke is realizing things in his life that he thought would always be in his dreams only. We can’t say enough about how blessed we feel for Mary Claire and Charlie’s Port!”

Dede and Tony Evans

“It is very impressive that a child can create such a movement.”
Shirley Franklin, Former Mayor of Atlanta

Kis in red shirts forming a ribbon

Charlie’s Port Ribbons for Elton