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A Children’s Book Series
Created by: Mary Claire Branton and Gabriel Sotillo

NUMBERS is about a precocious boy entering a portal to another dimension where talking numbers show him the dynamic glory of the universe. These infinite numbers engage him in a relationship with the Creator through character building adventures.


Here is a free
color-by-number of Rex!  

Here is a free color by number of Engineer Zero!  

Self-portrait of Number Nine:


See some of Gabe’s work below. Don’t forget to check out his website!


The Earth Bound cover of bookThe Earth Bound

A Young Adult Novel
By: Luke Evans

If you don’t know the boy who sits in the back row with stains on his fingers, you probably think Daniel Cohen is just an introverted artist with a brutally honest tongue. Truth is, Daniel is really treading through life with Asperger’s Syndrome and recently discovered his ability to paint deadly images that slither into reality. Now questioning everything he’s ever known, Daniel’s power puts him up against a dangerous adversary. We learn that several students at Spirit Ridge High are not what they seem. Including his best friend.

(This novel was published by Zharmae Press in 2016. Luke obtained the rights back to his book and is working on a re-release with Charlie’s Port.)

“When I came to Mary Claire with Luke’s book, I was looking for an opinion and possibly direction on how to proceed. Well, we got more than we could have imagined. Mary Claire worked tirelessly on editing the manuscript and shopping it to publishers. She took a chance on a teenager who is “different” and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Luke is realizing things in his life that he thought would always be in his dreams only. We can’t say enough about how blessed we feel for Mary Claire and Charlie’s Port!”

Dede and Tony Evans

Priscilla’s Poem

Young Adult Poetry
By: Priscilla Johnson

Priscilla has lived an interesting life in the foster care system, and her poetry creatively reflects that life. Her mind is beautiful, as is she.

Download  When I was a Burden