Young redheaded girl lying in a fieldZany Zoey

A Middle Grade Novel
By: Mikayla Lowery

Zoey Song cannot catch a break from quirky mishaps and hilarious accidents. This redhead is as warm hearted as they come, but mischief follows her everywhere. With a little miss perfect twin sister and friends who seem to have everything they want, Zoey has a difficult time finding confidence and a place in the world. Get lost in Zoey’s zany stream of consciousness. Don’t worry. She says it out loud.


The Earth Bound cover of bookThe Earth Bound

A Young Adult Novel
By: Luke Evans

If you don’t know the boy who sits in the back row with stains on his fingers, you probably think Daniel Cohen is just an introverted artist with a brutally honest tongue. Truth is, Daniel is really treading through life with Asperger’s Syndrome and recently discovered his ability to paint deadly images that slither into reality. Now questioning everything he’s ever known, Daniel’s power puts him up against a dangerous adversary. We learn that several students at Spirit Ridge High are not what they seem. Including his best friend.

Luke’s novel was released by Zharmae Press in 2016. Luke obtained the rights back to his series and is planning a re-release in the fall of 2017!



A Children’s Book Series
by Mary Claire Branton and Gabriel Sotillo

Charlie’s Port welcomes visual artist Gabriel Sotillo to co-write and illustrate a children’s book series about numbers. More on this collaboration as it develops!


Gates looking into a cemeteryHow To Experience Death For Beginners

A Young Adult Novel
By: Jessica Lee Branton

In this paranormal thriller, Casey Darling is riddled with teen angst just like every other girl in America. She is also cursed with the peculiar ability to enter the minds of people as they die. Her dingy dwelling is no comfort to living with the precious gift she deems a nasty fate. Blessed with an alcoholic mother and a mute for a twin, Casey navigates through a small town panic when a serial killer emerges and a golden boy from California shows up at school. His annoying sincerity and romantic advances send Casey over the edge, as her best friends become prey and the FBI descends into her world.

Jessica is negotiating the release of the first installment for late 2017.


A white feather falling in a blue skyFin

A Novel (In Development)
By: Mary Claire Branton

Jane is an ambitious eleven year-old with high hopes for her troubled family and the struggling community of Snailville. Determined to battle her den of hopelessness, she creates an angelic alter ego and orchestrates a band of spiritual superheroes. They paint the town with good deeds, but the evil they encounter is pretty evil. This dark comedy is a coming of age tale where the absurd is real. And bitter.