10 Minute Poems

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Each of the three poems below were written in ten minutes. I hope you enjoy!

The Whispering City


Laid out in rows

On a city of bones

The brown colored grass

Sits beneath the marbled throne.


I wander the ground

This quiet white town

As the ghosts of the past

Pass whispers around


The words on the slabs

148855690_8ad1a4dc43_mHave been carved up with care

Reminding us all

Of what lies there:


Six feet under

They whisper like thunder

And my feet dig up roots

As I continue to wander.


The corpses beneath

Dance under my feet

And the wind drags me along

Those ragged, muddy streets.


I stop at the slab

All gleaming and pretty

And the slab stares back

As if to say “what a pity.”


I whisper I loved you

Throughout the hollowed hills

And the wind whispers back

I have loved you still.


So this city of bones

Leaves me feeling at home

As the city whispers

You’re not quite alone.



Bright colored swings that flew so high

Purple jungle gyms that touched the sky

Its blue slide was a ride like no other

And each tunnel lead to a plethora of colors.


The grass laid around sweetly tickled kid’s feet

As the ladder chains made up a brand new beat

Kids smiled as they soared in the red rocket ship

And some swam in the water with a big orange fish


Its structure was rainbow and certainly sound

As the children jumped up and came spiraling down

The rock climbing wall stood tall as a tower

And the kids played upon it until the end of their hour.


From space to the ground its structure knew no limits

As the children ran around it with all of their minutes

It was perfect on each and every bright sunny day

With its colors so bright that they chased off the gray


This colorful playground brought joy to all

As it lifted them high but kept them from the fall

This playground was the stuff of all of our dreams

But after all of these years it’s not what it seems


That glorious slide that slid like no other

Was broken like a child without mother

Graceful swings once flew me high

Touched limply the ground, so far from the sky


The playground was perfect in my mind

Though it was in ruins by shackles of time


I recalled the sweet melodic clop

Of my hand on the bars before childhood did stop


So I’ll imagine it gaily as it once stood to be

With its children surrounded by trees

This colorful playground will bring joy abound

At least til I’m buried six feet underground.


It’s leafy and green

This murder machine

Hundreds of bills

Sit and gleam.


I ran my hand over

Their soft paper backs

And I push them together

Into neat little stacks.


I count the amount

It’s enough to astound

I think of the future

And how it’s now unbound.


I shove the bills in

My thin little pockets

And I dart out the building

Like a launching red rocket.


People are staring

As my pockets are wearing

My beating heart trickles

As I start swearing.


“Stop” shouts the officer

But I won’t let him win

I dart through the alleyway

But it’s a dead end.


The officer’s gun

Prompts me to run

But the fight has left me

And I can’t feel my lungs.


“I just want to help”

He stops at my yelp

And in his eyes are pity

But there’s little else.


“Come with me” he begs

“I don’t want to shoot”

I don’t want that either

But I need all that loot.


“I’m sorry” I cry

As I try to push past

But his mercy has ended

With the sound of a blast.


It’s leafy and green

This murder machine

Out the money spills

Beside my blood’s gleam.


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