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Jessica Branton – While her blog is mostly comprised of short stories, she likes writing poetry and musing about the world of literature as well. Read her blog here.



Mary Claire Branton – This is home to the musings of Mary Claire Branton, an artistic director who champions impassioned youth and marginalized greatness. Read her blog here.



Mikayla Lowery – Twelve year-old Mikayla Lowery is the youngest U.S. published author of 2018. She loves to pen short stories, non-fiction milestones, and gives great writing tips. Read her blog here.



Gabe Sotillo: Autistic illustrator, Gabe Sotillo, was featured at the High Museum of Art at age nine. This is where you can check out his latest projects from book illustrations to mask-making and pottery. Gabe’s blog is coming soon! check out his website!