Charlie’s Port collaborates with schools, companies, and organizations to create short films and screenplays with children and their families.


Little Red Schoolhouse

Silhouette of boy sitting under a treeA Promotional
Directed by: Mary Claire Dunn (Branton)
Filmed and Edited by: Jay Wiggs

A little red schoolhouse sits just off Main Street in Acworth, Georgia. It is home to a handful of learning-disabled children who love their new school. This short introduces the school and Kim Wigington, the mother hen who serves as Principal. Little Red Schoolhouse was commissioned by Brookwood Christian Academy as a promotional tool and to inspire other communities to create alternative environments for the learning disabled in the public school system.




looking for al

A Promotional
Directed by: Mary Claire Dunn and Sherrie Peterson

Max GreenhouseKen Greenhouse was a mensch. A sensitive and talented music arranger, composer and educator. The kind of person who put a smile on every face he met. Another interesting thing about Ken Greenhouse is that he bore a striking resemblance to Al Pacino. This short was an invitation for Al to collaborate with Ken on telling his remarkable ALS story.

Unfortunately, Kenneth Greenhouse lost his battle with the disease in 2011 before he reached Pacino with this heartwarming nudge. looking for al was a bow to Pacino’s self-produced Looking For Richard and is narrated by Ken’s son, Max. If Mr. Pacino ever comes across this adorable promotional, we hope he looks upon it with sentiment and humility, as Kenneth Greenhouse was a spectacular human being who would have cherished shaking his hand.

A project of this possibility would have attracted enough attention to the devastation that is ALS, advancing the extensive research campaign necessary to find a cure. Although the Greenhouse family decided not to pursue the project without their patriarch, Charlie’s Port will examine the possibilities of another ALS project with original and stock footage acquired.


Piano keysResonance

A Feature Screenplay
By: Mary Claire Branton

Based on a true story, this screenplay is about the life of Kenneth Greenhouse and the hardships his family endured after receiving his ALS diagnosis. The ALS Association of Georgia endorsed the screenplay when the Greenhouse family was attempting to peak the interest of Al Pacino in playing its patriarch.

Upon losing Ken to Lou Gehrig’s disease, his immediate family is no longer interested in exploiting this screenplay for production. Despite the extensive medical and family research that brought Resonance to fruition, we have retired all production efforts out of respect for the Greenhouse family.

Ken Greenhouse will always be one of Mary Claire’s personal heroes. She hopes her research and script will enrich the lives of his two children, Max and Rebecca, in helping them to appreciate the amazing life their father led and the countless friends and family who still love him.