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Casey Darling can enter the minds of people when they die. After receiving romantic advances from the enigmatic new guy at school, a serial killer invades her small town. Local police grow suspicious as she appears at crime scenes, but an FBI agent believes in her psychic powers. Will Casey fall in love or help take down a psychopath? Maybe both.

[Trigger Warning: Subject matter deals with self-harm and stalking.]






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Casey and her circle of friends are well drawn with an effective balance of personalities that add interest and suspense… a solid and multilayered thriller. – KIRKUS Reviews

A competent first novel… Branton is skilled at misdirection. INDIEREADER

Jessica Branton has written the story with such page-turning style- drawing you into the world of Casey Darling, her twin sister, and the ‘curse’ they experience. – Jera’s Jamboree


How to Experience Death for Beginners has won the 2020 Best Paranormal Thriller Independent Press Award.




The Earth Bound cover of book



YA Thriller

By: Luke Evans

Release Date: TBA, 2020

First comes the shooting pain in his head, then a frenzy of paper, canvas, inks, paints, pencils, charcoal… The first time it happens, when Daniel steps back, he sees a dead hand hanging over the top of a staircase, a pool of blood below, a swirling darkness above. And he knows the darkness is coming for him. Diagnosed with Asperger’s at age seven, sixteen-year-old Daniel has always felt different. He has trouble making friends, communicating with his parents, talking to girls. Now he has a whole new definition of “different” to deal with as his visions predict the real-life terrors unfolding in his small hometown of Spirit Ridge. Luckily, he discovers friends who have powers of their own, and together they can stop this string of bizarre murders—unless the killer is one of their own group.