Luke Evans completed his first draft of The Earth Bound when he was sixteen. Having been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (then Asperger’s) at age seven, he discovered his creative outlet in writing, choosing to write a book that could both provide a sympathetic and realistic look at ASD and provide the supernatural thrill to which he himself had become accustomed in his books. Luke is graduating from Oglethorpe University, majoring in Theatre and English. He hopes to pursue a career in theatre while continuing to express himself through his writing.




THE EARTH BOUNDThe Earth Bound cover of book
YA Thriller
By: Luke Evans
Release Date: TBA IN EVENTS, 2020

First comes the shooting pain in his head, then a frenzy of paper, canvas, inks, paints, pencils, charcoal… The first time it happens, when Daniel steps back, he sees a dead hand hanging over the top of a staircase, a pool of blood below, a swirling darkness above. And he knows the darkness is coming for him. Diagnosed with Asperger’s at age seven, sixteen-year-old Daniel has always felt different. He has trouble making friends, communicating with his parents, talking to girls. Now he has a whole new definition of “different” to deal with as his visions predict the real-life terrors unfolding in his small hometown of Spirit Ridge. Luckily, he discovers friends who have powers of their own, and together they can stop this string of bizarre murders—unless the killer is one of their own group.