More Ten Minute Poems

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These are small poems I wrote in ten minutes!


I write for the memories I have  

and the ones I want

like a tandem bicycle they travel through my brain


Photos of people long gone

and ones to come

spiraling stretches of envy and

want over pillows


smiling faces atop unlined maps

that stretch onwards.

They’ll circle back eventually

when there is time.


sleepless nights of laughter

and a few tears

colors muted and bright that

decide to change


nostalgia paints me warm red

among a blanket of blue.

It wakes me up every night

with the memories of you.




Rubbing hands together – fast –

unsure of the sweating palms,

which lay unburdened,

despite my traveling mind.


The doorway is darkened

by the laughter of others.

Warm voices call out:

saying goodbye in my mind.


Ripped lights shine brightly

through their shaded pasts.

Some radiate more

But the others twinkle in want.


Do you like me?

Is uttered by others,

but even a clear answer

is muddled by translucence.


Intermingling thoughts,

revolving words,

how gaily they gesture

how thoughtfully they move.


Filtered through moments,

It is hard to find out the truth.

Nothing is black and white in the world,

they are all ribbons.


A shadow breaks across me.

Momentarily, I am plunged

into a darkness unknowable,

into a moment of bliss.


Am I the light eclipsed?

Do I enter your mind first?

Or am I doomed to shades

of darkness and rain?





you cover me –

a shadow


warmth into cold,

moments unfold,

I await you

until tomorrow.





you whisper.


Rippling water,

unending tides,

gasping for air,

no shore is insight.


Clawing hands,

desperate hold.

You mention

words unknown


The light breaks free

when I leave you

And the relief:

Just momentary.


Claws sink in,

so we start

up our game

without rules


“Cause you see me,”

Your smile wanes

“and you can’t go.”

Restrained, I stare back.




You remain –

A shadow.

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