Alien Invasion

A Middle Grade Sci-Fi Comedy
By: Elias Mask

Illustrated by: Uzayr Aftab, Diksha Bror, Kaytee Beth Curbow, Kassidy Eaton, Jett Fleeman, Darby Gentry, Bobby Gillentine, Vance Gillentine, Ruby Gillentine, Katelynn Jones, Liam LeBrocq, Aiden Long, Jazmyn Nunn, Alexis Reid, Krish Roy, Magnus Smith, Tripp Strider, Smith Weaver, and Taylor West

Elias is an only child seeking adventure in his ordinary life. He and his telepathic rabbit, Snowball, encounter a strange man wearing a gas mask. Snow-ball and Elias determine the alien intruder is from another galaxy and wants to take over the house. Elias enlists the help of his best friend to blast the alien back to outer space. Unfortunately, Elias’ dad gains many bumps and bruises along the way. Poor guy.

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How To Experience Death For Beginners

A Young Adult Thriller
By: Jessica Branton

Casey Darling can enter the minds of people when they die. After receiving romantic advances from the enigmatic new guy at school, a serial killer invades her small town. Local police grow suspicious as she appears at crime scenes, but an FBI agent believes in her psychic powers. Will Casey fall in love or help take down a psychopath? Maybe both.

[Trigger Warning: Subject matter deals with self-harm and stalking.]

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Casey and her circle of friends are well drawn with an effective balance of personalities that add interest and suspense… a solid and multilayered thriller. – KIRKUS Reviews

A competent first novel… Branton is skilled at misdirection. INDIEREADER

Jessica Branton has written the story with such page-turning style- drawing you into the world of Casey Darling, her twin sister, and the ‘curse’ they experience. – Jera’s Jamboree



How to Experience Death for Beginners has won the 2020 Best Paranormal Thriller Independent Press Award.



Zoey's Zany Life cover Zoey’s Zany Life

A Middle Grade Novel
By: Mikayla Lowery

Zoey Song cannot catch a break from quirky mishaps and hilarious accidents. This redhead is as warm hearted as they come, but mischief follows her everywhere. With a little miss perfect twin sister and friends who seem to have everything they want, Zoey has a difficult time finding confidence and a place in the world. Get lost in Zoey’s zany stream of consciousness. Don’t worry. She says it out loud.


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Lowery writes [her debut] with heart and ends Zoey’s sixth-grade year with a stirring speech about being yourself and learning from one another… This outspoken narrator should monologue her way into readers’ hearts and teach them a few valuable lessons along the way.  – KIRKUS Reviews

That this is coming from the mouth of a publishing world prodigy (remember: having your first book published at the age of 35 is considered to be young by publishing world standards) is incredible. I’m 43 years old, and I think even I could stand to hear some of what Lowery is preaching here from time to time.   – Zachary Houle, MEDIUM

The mind of Zoey Song is like a torrential river after a storm. Zoey’s Zany Life by Mikayla Lowery is one of the best examples of a child’s mind expressing “stream of consciousness.” This book is a wonderful, wacky adventure.  – Portland Book Review

This author brought forth a fabulous read that I will cherish forever and will go back and re-read just so that I can feel what it is to be that age again and again.  – Jenny Bynum Reviews

A wonderful read for late elementary/middle schoolers with strong narration, and identity as the main theme– Marisa Donnelly, The Teacher’s Closet